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Hello [Jul. 20th, 2007|08:36 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis


I'm a furry fan. Can't say I'm a "true" furry as in being part of the furry commuinty. I've had a long deisre to know what it's like to be a hermaphrotdite catgirl (yea I know) (also I'm a guy). So far no luck, I think I may be going into light or meduim trances but I get no results yet. I've tried the hypno-files accelerator and the WMM trigfurry, trigfurry remix and trigmorph... I happen to have a copy of virtual hypnotist, no add-ons and no female voice... if some one could make me a script for this program that works quickly and is simalar to trigfurry remix save for no age thing and the gender being herm not male or female I'd be soooo happy, (prehaps in your dept? depends xD).

[User Picture]From: tempest_storm
2007-11-27 10:12 am (UTC)

Just quietly...

LOL i hate WMM evil mind guy's voice would have to be the least hypnotic I have ever come across... (greats on me like rusty nail on a cheese grater)

You know you can write your own scripts for Virtual hypnotist... as well as set the pitch and tone of the voice to meet your needs...

if your not sure where to start have a look at some of the inductions that it comes with... and use some of them to start.. once the initial induction and or deepening method are done there is not much left to do except write the part that you want to happen... perhaps use a little anchoring and training (waking up and using the trigger, then triggering back into deep trance, and do it a few times to help it along in your mind)

If that does not help a little let me know.
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