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The new official website of TF_by_Hypnosis [Mar. 24th, 2005|10:25 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis
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hey all. just decided that it would probably do TFBH and its branches at LiveJournal, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ some good if I started up an "official" website for the discussion conglomerate.


People, I need ideas and resources. Pictures, Sound files, eBooks, Links, stuff like that. Have any? You know where to find me (its on my userinfo).

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Can you safely...? [Mar. 2nd, 2005|09:32 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis
A discussion on another forum, about the poster's gf not waking up from a trance, made me think: How far can you go in hypnotising someone else, without any special professional training (and without being a psychotherapist!), and still be "safe" and sure that you don't harm anyone?

A list of examples, even though they seem pretty obvious (to me at least), just to get the discussion going:

Can you safely...

Lead someone into a relaxing trance?
Induce some widely appreciated relaxing images?
Try to remove someone's headaches?
Live out those erotic fantasies?
Give that horror movie a little extra twist?
Work on multiple personalities and other serious nasties?
Do past-live regressions?
Do age regressions?

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Thank you. [Feb. 21st, 2005|01:53 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis
Thanks for answering my 4 questions.

I Think its good to help get a little all round perspective into this... I know there are a lot of people out there, who may think they are crazy and "not normal" because of the things that they are feeling, and want to do... But seeing more people comment on there own personal feelings and habbits is a great way to feel a lot more.... "Normal" as you see your not the only ones. This also helps greatly when wanting to mentaly shift, into your animal form... Acceptance of yourself is one of the key items you will need to help you on your way to obtaining a mental transform and perception shift....

WTF! OMG! ok i just re read over that.... it sounds like im trying to write a self help book.... gods, do ever let me do that again ok ! some one shoot me with a trank gun if start doing that again! *shudders and murrss*

LOL well Tempest Out.
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2005|04:18 am]
Transformation by Hypnosis
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This is an essay that I wrote a while back.

And now I'm wondering:

Is it possible for fursuits or rubber latex suits to aid in one's own mental conditioning for a "shapeshifting" experience, or an M-shift?
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Somthing Intresting. [Feb. 15th, 2005|04:01 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis
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Well I was thinking about why I am the way I am.... (one too many knocks to the head? *G*) And then I thought well lets explore this a little bit more, not just myself but other people as well... So I dont know how many people will find this intresting but here goes.

First of all I would like to ask the question:
1)For how many people is this desyer to change themselves because they are unhappy with there
physical form in general? (ie looking too human... if there is such a thing)

2)Do you lead a life style closer to the animal that you identify the most, or just think it might
be intresting?

3)If you lead your life with the animal you most identify with, what are some of the behaviours that
you exsibit in your every day life, that would not be clasified as the "norm"?

4)Do you think you are crazy for being this way?

Thats it. I hope to get some intresting answers, I think it will go a long way to helping people understand themselves a lot better.

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WOOPAH! [Feb. 8th, 2005|04:13 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis
Howdy Folks!,

Just like to say that I know I started posting lots and then just kind of stoped.. I will be adding more, but right now life is quite bussy. So I have not had the chance to post more on my little forey... *purrrrsss* I will have some time coming up in the next few days or so... So I can finish some things off.

Hope People are going ok.

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Sorry this took so long... i have a lot of work on my hands. [Jan. 28th, 2005|12:24 pm]
Transformation by Hypnosis
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[music |SBAC - Paws]

So, here are some intresting points that I have found over the time that I have been using this method.

First of all i would like to say gain that this is from my personal experiance, as a lot of you might know the result of hypnosis will vary greatly from person to person. It is a true fact that some people just cant be hypnotised by another person. The reasons behind this are also many and varied, an over analitical mind, certain parts of the brain that dont function the same as other people, subconcious fears etc. A good hypnotist (hypnotherapist) will tell you that you just need to find the, "right way in", but for some people this is imposible.

In fact, when I started out on my.... little quest, after the first month or so with out any results, and feeling that I was not even hypnotising myself at all, I became quite frustrated and was ready to give it all way. That is untill I spoke to some of my close friends about it... at this point i would like to mention a few things about myself so you can gain a better understanding how i aproached it all.

Small Rant On MyselfCollapse )

So you can guess my frustraition when somthing that appeard simple to do.. (hypnosis/self hypnosis) was not working how frustrated i was getting. So like i said i spoke to some friends (other pagan types) and a few of them offered to help me out with it. So what we found out about me is that to start with the normal hypnotic convetions were just not working at all, so some one came up with the idea to put the basic self induction into ritual form... (yes as in magick ritual done and a circle and all). So after a few re writes, I gave it a go with some very intrested friends looking on, and low and behold, the first time, I was able to induce myself into an extrodinaraly deep hypnotic trance!

And the fist thing I when to work on was my ability to obtain this form of self and induced (by another person) hypnosis out side of a ritual type environment. It was a simple fact that my brain just did not like doing anything with the subconcious when not in ritual (as that is where alot of subconcious accessing is done any way). So in that, i was able to slowly work around my first hurdle.

After that point the logest part was learing how to change my own perception through hypnosis. It was somthing that I wanted to do more than anything else. I know that I if could do it and it woked i would be truly happy with myself and my life. I would finaly be able to see myself the way I felt. So I started with silly little things to see if i could train my brain... i stated out with an apple.... yes an apple. I wanted to see if I could make myself percieve it as a black rock.

At this point i still had not found the Virual Hypnotis program. So I had one of my good friend helpping me by "putting me under" and working through a script that we wrote... and so began the rather funny side of turning an apple into a rock. After the first session, the apple was still an apple... much to our amusment. There was a lot of exlaiming "hey look! an apple". After first few attempts we found that my perception of the apple was not changing... so I re wrote the script so that I still knew it was an apple, but would see and feel it as a rock. My mind did not like changing somthing totaly from one object to another, but it was ok to tell it that it was still and apple, it just looked and felt like a rock.

So I found the key... for my mind any way. I could change my percepton as long as i still knew that the thing i was looking at was still actualy what it was. I could even make the boject feel different, hence (runs his paw down his arm) yes i feel the fur that is there. I still know... that im human... but i dont see myself or feel that way.

So now! where does that leave us, well I don't know.. I hope that this is giving people who read this comm some good ideas. Im going to have to stop here for now as i have work to do. But, in my next post, i will like to go over some script ideas, I wont post scripts here i will link them, but it will give you all a good idea of how to addapt scripts to the way your brain works, and even some exercises on how to find out how your brain is working...

Tempest Storm.
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I would like to refer you all to this transcript. [Jan. 25th, 2005|10:22 am]
Transformation by Hypnosis
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I would like to show you all this transcript (link below) on hypnosis. Its a very intresting read. It might also help settle some ideas in peoples heads as well


well enjoy.

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Sorry. [Jan. 22nd, 2005|11:08 am]
Transformation by Hypnosis
I did not mean too scare people off with my last post. I was simply offering tools and the offer to help any one who wants it... I hope i did not sound to.... hoity-toity. Im not sure if this com gets many posts or not.
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Howdy, here is a rather large post, hope you like it and it helps [Jan. 19th, 2005|10:15 am]
Transformation by Hypnosis
[music |SBAC - Anthro Love]

First of all I would just like to say hi. I have been apartf of the other animal transform comunity for a while, even though it tends to be slow moving. Oddly enough, a comunity like this one has been on my cards for a while. So its nice to see. What follows is a list of resourses and my own personal expriance wich i hope will help out people in this comunity

First of all I would like to say that useing hypnosis to create an... sesory change in how one views themself, is not such a far out idea as a lot of people think. Look at the wonderful stage hypnotist. Normaly in shows like that there is one person who, the hypnotist gets to wear a pair of glasses with no lenses in them. He tells the subject that when they put the glasses on they will see every one naked. This is a shift of a persons perception of how they see other people, why should it be different to see ones self differently?

I would like to state now, the programs and tools that I have used may not work for every one, but i have got myself to a point that as i type this my... "hands" that are typeing do not apear as hands to me... but a form of anthromorphic paws. And yes, when i look in the mirror i don't see.. "human" me but rather, anthromorphic panther me. I would like to say that this is posible. I am... much to my dissapointment... totaly human, i have just changed the way i see and feel in my mind. With all that out of the way. Lets get into some good stuff

Virtual HypnotistCollapse )

Brain Wave GeneratorCollapse )

NCH Tone GeneratorCollapse )

SBaGenCollapse )

Moving on.

Some may ask... why would you willing do such a thing to yourself. I like to tell people who find out or who ask, that I believe that some people are very very close to there primal side. So much so that they do not view or feel.. "Human" at all, but part of the animal that they feel the most closly intune with. That said, i think there is much much more to being what is termed as "human" than people think. Infact. I have come so far as to say that I don't regard myself as human any more... Am I a freak or crazy... I could be... But I will say this. Ever since I have done this to myself, and accepted that side of me and who i am. I have never been happier in my life. I'm so content its not funny.

Also. I bit of a warning. I a more than happy to give as much info is needed and help as many people as posible. But there is no quick solution. If you wake up one day thinking.. "Yes it would be cool to be able to do that", please don't waist your time or mine. It takes a lot, and i mean a LOT of time and work to start things happening. It has to be somthing that you want %100, or you will find you may only get half results or none at all.

Also, I would like to tell you, like any form of hypnotic conditions or sugestions, its not perminant. After a while it starts to fade. So some times a top up session is needed. Im looking at ways to try and get around this, but for me so far it lasts a good few months b4 things start changing back.

Well thats it for now. I hope people find this intresing and a help. All question wlecome.
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