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I recently got some hypnosis books at Barnes and Nobles and in them it has scripts to preform it for various reasons.. I was just wondering if it's a good idea to used the books to try it. I mean, I know it's always better to go see a trained professional but one of the books even comes with a CD of the author preforming the act in order to go see your Spirit Guides. So again, my question is.. Would it be okay to just use the tape and the books and try it out with one of my friends.. Or would the experience be better with a trained professional? Thank you.
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Consumer Deprogramming through mass hypnotic "anti-advertising?"

I have always considered the prevailing American penchant for acute consumerism to be derived from a secular, cult mentality of sorts. I also have long suspected, correctly, that a subtle but prolific form of mass hypnosis is at work in engineering this relatively young paradigm. After all, hypnosis is dependent upon the Laws of Repetition and Association, and these laws are part of the foundation of successful advertising. In addition, the masterminds of many of the most effective ads are familiar with suggestive language, NLP, and other tools of persuasion, or else they regularly consult those knowledgeable on the subject. Of note is the fact that many companies craftily create a "need" for their product before it is released, and it is man's nature to grow dependent upon the very inventions that formerly were not even a glimmer in his eye.

All of this considered, the question that I have been pondering lately is the feasibility of using the same tools on a large scale to "deprogram" Everyman's consumptive mind. Theoretically, if a cult member can be programmed with non-clinical forms of hypnosis, and can be deprogrammed by hypnotherapy, and if the desire for certain products and services is engineered in part by a form of mass hypnosis, then a contrary form of mass hypnosis should be able to be remove that desire, or at least diminish it. If someone were to invest the same amount of money or greater as is spent on advertising to consumers, on hypnotic "anti-advertising," I would predict a significant impact on sales of Prada handbags and iPhones, or whatever the target was. Of course, I am talking about more than simply badmouthing specific product. I am talking about subliminal messages that cut right to the heart of the desire to "keep up with the Joneses."

Business name suggestions needed

I need to think up ideas for the name of my future hypnosis/hypnotherapy practice. I am hoping that some of you might have some good ones. Throw 'em at me.

I want to evoke success, comfort, improvement, change, confidence, performance, mind-expansion, intelligence, forward thinking, honesty, etc, etc, without sounding too far-out or aggressive. I like words such as "perception" and "enhancement," and am a fan of William Blake and Aldous Huxley, and the idea of "The Doors of Perception." Either way, I want to attract both the timid first-timers and the gung-ho hypnoenthusiasts.

I thought about something with "diamond" in the title because it evokes lucidity, such as "Diamond Mind," etc., but that is taken by some stupid baseball video game company. And anyway, Diamond Mind Hypnosis evokes drugs, as "diamonds" is a meth slang term from the 70s, plus, it borders on the corny unless I am just being too judgemental. So that's out.

Any thoughts?
Mega Man, Rockman


I'm a furry fan. Can't say I'm a "true" furry as in being part of the furry commuinty. I've had a long deisre to know what it's like to be a hermaphrotdite catgirl (yea I know) (also I'm a guy). So far no luck, I think I may be going into light or meduim trances but I get no results yet. I've tried the hypno-files accelerator and the WMM trigfurry, trigfurry remix and trigmorph... I happen to have a copy of virtual hypnotist, no add-ons and no female voice... if some one could make me a script for this program that works quickly and is simalar to trigfurry remix save for no age thing and the gender being herm not male or female I'd be soooo happy, (prehaps in your dept? depends xD).

Just a quick hello and re-introduction

Hi all,

Just a quick hello and re-introduce myself. i used to have a LJ account under the name of lamingtonking and see that a few of my posts are still here... *smiles and purrsss* it been a long tine since i have been back to lj and so i have a new account... on account that i deleted the other one... *grins and flicks his tail* so its nice to be back in LJ land and hope to make some posts soon.

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(no subject)

Hi. The overload technique is the only one that works to induce me. It has worked for me thru reading type. Does anyone know where I can find an overload induction script? Preferably free. :) Thank you!

Transformation of mind

Has anyone of you ever heard something about Budda Machine and the way it relax you? Numerous copies are distributed everyday in USA. What would happen if we combined Budda Machine`s sounds with 3D sacral symbols? Download it from here: You would get amazing thing for meditation and relaxation. I'm sure, if you use this utility, then transformation of mind is reality.

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Welcome to LogoTopia (in german...)


I'm hoping this will not be considered spam, since it's about fun-fun-fun, and nothing but fun... it's free, it's collaborative, it's experimental... (but it's in german, I must admit...)

So... forgive me for posting, and grant us a visit at LogoTopia!!


* Willkommen in LogoTopia!

Man wird sanft aus dem Schlummer geweckt, sobald die Raumfähre über LogoTopia schwebt. Aus angenehmen, sanft erotischen Träumen gleitet man hinab, durch die wunderschönen weißen Wolken, während leise Musik durch die Fähre flutet.

Der Raumhafen ist riesig. Überall führen Gänge in unbekannte Bereiche, verlocken zum Erkunden und Erobern. Und doch ist alles auf eine beruhigende Art leise, ruhiger als daheim.

Wie lange hat man sich auf diesen Urlaub gefreut!

Urlaub vom Alltag. Urlaub von allen Bindungen. Urlaub in dieser Oase der Sinnlichkeit, des Vergnügens. Hier ist alles erlaubt, was Spaß macht, sinnlich ist und vor allem: aus Worten besteht! Worte sind hier der Inbegriff der Erotik. Worte durchziehen unsere Körper, unsere Seelen, unsere Lenden und Muschis, Schwänze und Ärsche.

Vielleicht beginnen wir, indem wir einen Blick in die nächste Bar werfen?

Wandern wir durch die warm glubbernden Sümpfe von Salpharna, vielleicht unter der milden Führung einer der transparentverschleierten Nonnen der Heiligen Klitoria?

Oder wie wärs mit einer der berühmten tief eindringenden Massagen von Ms Angelique de la Crux, der Knochenbrecherin? Im Anschluß an eine penetrative Hypnose durch den galaxieweit bekannten Lord Thomason? Allerdings... wer weiß, ob man in Folge einer dieser Erfahrungen noch allzuviel zu planen hat...

* LogoTopia ist bis jetzt vor allem eine Idee. Ich stelle dieses Wiki zur Verfügung, um allen, die das erotische Wort, die erotische Geschichte genießen, eine Fläche zum Austausch zu bieten... Geschichten werden gemeinsam gestaltet, weitererzählt und vertieft... jede/r kann Seiten hinzufügen und verändern.

* Ein ganzer Planet, der nur der erotischen Phantasie geweiht ist... klingt doch verlockend, oder?

* Also: Meldet euch an, erzählt eure persönliche Geschichte auf eurer Benutzerseite, und trefft euch in den Cafes, Bars, Tempeln, Massagesalons, Straßen, und überall, wo eure Lust euch hinführt...