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Transformation by Hypnosis
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Have you ever thought about the feeling of turning into something or someone other than yourself? maybe a bigger version of yourself? how about an animal that you have high regard for (or an anthropomorphic version)? or maybe a hard, inanimate object, like a robot or statue? or even the opposite of your sex?

now, what would you say if such a feeling and experienced can be possibly engendered by HYPNOSIS?

This is a community for people who feel that transformation (tf-ing), be it in the mental, spiritual, or even physical, can be accomplished by implementation of some form of hypnosis.

That's right, hypnosis. We're talking subliminal messages, hypnotherapy, the whole nine yards.

Youve probably read the stories (or seen the art) of people whove turned into something or someone other than their own selves, like at http://tsa.transform.to, http://cyoc.net, or http://studsinstone.com.

Now, lets talk (and maybe even try) it for real. Through hypnosis.

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